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We Have O.N.E. Common Goal– doing everything we can to make things happen –

The O.N.E. Book

We must Overcome obstacles, Never give up on the road to having our best year Ever

Sheila (Green) Bennett is part of the trio on ONE mission to encourage the world to chase their dreams — and catch them. Her individual journey is a true testament to beating odds, having turned her tremendous losses into triumphant victories.

Now together as entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and great friends, this incredible trio has formed an unbreakable bond of sisterhood, sealed with a purpose to use their life and business lessons to show others how to create lives filled with purpose, passion, and fueled by the pursuit of success—on their own terms.

Their stories will inspire you. Their success will encourage you. Their message of motivation and willingness to win will push you to go for everything life has to offer. THE O.N.E. Book is for the modern woman with the heart to overcome all obstacles and never give up, and the relentless desire to make this year her best ever—at all costs. Define your IT.

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